Aztec Asset Assured Ltd

Aztec Asset Assured Ltd is focused on providing a very high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

We primarily specialise in Insolvency Recovery and Property Services and use only professional services and approved contractors, in order to deliver you a bespoke service. 

Our Consultants are trained in all aspects of security delivery at the highest level and are qualified as risk assesors and conflict managers. We will provide continuity to the customer from the first consultation until the project is complete, no matter how protracted it may become.

We also provide VIP protection services covering all requirements from long to short term close protection, both mobile and static in the United Kingdom and Europe. We only utilise staff with a previous Royal and Diplomatic pedigree, who have worked together as a team for over a decade.

We will provide and oversee all arrangements in order to satisfy your requirements even at the shortest of notice to ensure a AAA service every time.